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Players wishing to play HellGate London for free can now do so at It appears to marketed under the name “HellGate Global” and is well maintained with regular game and server updates. Additionally, it looks like they’re working on a new ranking system.  Enjoy!

Here’s the teaser trailer:

It feels like the end of an era, albeit one plagued by drama, disappointment and failed aspirations. History has finally closed the chapter on Hellgate: London.

It should be said that there were good times. Good times made to taste even sweeter because of all the bitterness surrounding it, not in spite of it. Lasting friendships were forged and alliances were formed. History has left its mark on us all.

In memory of the game, Ahriman of the Hellgate Guru forums penned this little write-up [link] of the game’s final moments:

Those who stayed up long enough could witness the last shut-down of HG:L. Most players had gathered in Stonehenge and on the minute of 6 am GMT, or midnight CST, did Hellgate: London prompt with an unknown network error and refused any further connection attempts.

Last Moments of Hellgate London
Additionally, sillytubbie wrote the following, whose words (highlighted in bold) echo my thoughts:
Yes, even the webpage is gone.Feels like it was just launched yesterday, when I got really hyped up about the game, cannot concentrate on work and rushed to the launch site to get my CE box. Ran home and played the game for a full 4 hours.

This game will always have a place in my heart.

While not directly related to Diablo 3, this is to do with one of the ex Diablo 2 designers, one who was quite well known as one of the people behind the art in Diablo 2′s expansion pack.

Many people would also recognise him for his work on Flagship Studio’s now failed game, Hellgate London, however what many more people likely will recognise him for is Shenk the Overseer (a monster in Diablo 2′s Act V name after Phil).
After the closure of Flagship Studios, we haven’t heard much from Phil, however it was revealed today that he is starting a new

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studio named “Gravity Bear” (a very weird name in my opinion), however there is nothing else revealed about the company at this stage. We also know that another ex Flagship Studios employee, Kevin Klemmick (who was the software engineer on Hellgate London) will also make up the team.

Now we just have to wait until they decide on what games they want to pursue and hopefully we’ll see some other competition to D3 come out as well, just to add to the variety of gaming we can enjoy later :)

GameDaily has just posted up a new interview they conducted with Bill Roper, who as per a press release sent by Cryptic Studios, is going to be a new Lead Designer on Champions Online.

“As you probably know, a few months ago we had to lay off all of our employees at Flagship, so really what we’ve been doing is trying to work with banks, creditors and former employees to wrap things up. We’re not supporting any products right now.” So when pressed if that meant that it was officially over for the Hellgate: London developer, he responded, “All the principals and employees have moved on. At this point and time, HanbitSoft has purchased the IP, which was being held as securities. Namco will keep their servers up until January 31, 2009.”

Roper is not bitter over his time at Flagship, and in fact thinks that he learned lessons there that he’ll be able to apply at Cryptic. “It can be a problem with a game that you try and go too broad, and I think we did that with Hellgate,” he admitted. “With Champions Online, we’ll focus on making something that’s not wider but is much deeper.”

As a nine-year veteran of Blizzard who has worked on the Warcraft, StarCraft and Diablo franchises, Roper hopes to apply those lessons of success to Cryptic. “It was a meritocracy at Blizzard, and they were willing to take someone who was new

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in the industry and give them some freedom if they did well,” he commented. “So I’ve had experience directing, producing and went up to VP level there.”


Roper assured us that he was very excited about coming to Cryptic and he even revealed that it wasn’t the standard route to employment. “I think it was fortuitous. I was really just trying to get into the beta for Champions Online,” he commented. “I was into the game even before the beta, and I read about it constantly because I was a big City of Heroes fan. I went to a friend of a friend, and we just started talking about things and as the discussion evolved, we found we had some similar ideas. It’s great coming to a place like

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Cryptic, a place with some very passionate designers, and it’s nice to be less of a suit!”

“The first thing I’m going to be doing, is talking with the guys and digging deeply into what Champions Online is now. There’s a lot of fantastic stuff here, and we’ll focus on figuring out what’s working, what needs some polish and rethinking other things. We’re approaching the game from the standpoint that those people who are familiar with the license will be comfortable immediately and those people who aren’t familiar or who like to solo play will have their own niches carved out,” he concluded.

While we know Bill Roper as the CEO of Flagship Studios and his game Hellgate: London which we have covered for a long time, many people always blamed bad decisions of the managing team for the fall of Hellgate London. It was even stated by Bill many times that they tried to take on too much and couldn’t handle it all.

This is why it seems a bit weird that rather than putting Bill into a design position or maybe a storyline position he is being thrust straight into such a leading position. Champions Online was another game that we followed on the Guru websites, so it’s going to be sad if it ends up failing like Hellgate London.

Either way, good luck to Bill on his new venture and hopefully he has more success with the new game.

To follow the last few posts on the new RedBana studio working on Hellgate London, the Game Espresso Blog has been updated again with a

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new post. This time it is a letter from the Korean Developer of Hellgate London.

To the fans of Hellgate: London,

We wish to express our gratitude to all the fans for showing your passion and dedication to Hellgate: London.

Since acquiring the intellectual property rights, HanbitSoft Inc., the publisher and distributor of Hellgate: London in Asia, has concentrated on the development of Hellgate: London, and has received many inquiries regarding new updates. Our US development studio is currently working on an update that is to surpass “The Abyss Chronicles.” This game will

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be available through our Web site. We thank you once again for showing your interest and ask for your continuous support for Hellgate: London, as we hope to bring good news shortly. In the meantime, we will continue developing the world’s best game!

Hellgate: London Product Manager – also a fellow user that loves to play Hellgate: London

Hopefully this means that the game might make a comeback, and hopefully they figure out some deal with the old founders to maybe enable us to at least play the core game for free (as currently this is only Act 1 and Act 2 in Korea)

File this one under rumours and speculations as based on

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my own findings.

While we do know that FSS has died, as per yesterday’s post about Hanbiton acquiring Hellgate: London, we do know that the IP is owned by

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T3 now. What we didn’t know however, is what would happen to the US version of the game.

A new post went up today on the Korean Hellgate London website. It is a post talking about Halloween events and the “re-opening of the Hellgate”, however what is interesting about it, is that it has a section written in English on a usually Korean only website.

The post also sounds

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like they are getting ready to re-launch the game (could this mean transferring the old players over?) and the company in charge appears to be Redbana. Further research leads to the Taiwanese MMO company called Redbana, which appears to have quite some experience in gaming. Further research leads to findings of a new San Francisco office for the company, which is where Hellgate offices were located previously.

So take this news with a grain of salt, but until we have more news, there is possibility that the game might come back in some way.

Enjoy :)

This was posted over at the Game Espresso

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Blog, which seems to be a blog dedicated to Hanbitsoft. The game will only be available to Koreans, as it is IP blocked on their website.

Many of you may heard about the sad news of Flagship’s shutdown.
But the good news is that Hellgate will go on with the new crew. HanbitSoft announced that T3 Entertainment recruited some of the best developers from Flagship Studios, Blizzard and formed a team with developers of their own. They will be carrying on where the last crew left off.
Hellgate also decided to go partly FREE in Korea. Don’t be too excited. It’s not ALL FREE.
Act1 and Act2 is open for everyone who wants to experience Hellgate, and only players who choose go on are asked to pay. HanbitSoft introduced various types of price models with a huge bargain, up to 67% OFF at most!

To add, it seems that Hanbitsoft has finally clenched the deal with Flagship Studios and bought the IPs for Hellgate and Mythos. From the same blog:

HanbitSoft now owns both Hellgate: London, online action RPG and Mythos, casual MMORPG, once used to be developed by Flagship Studios. HanbitSoft now acquires IP (Intellectual Property) including the engines and source codes of both well made titles.

This means that HanbitSoft is now the owner of all the titles that Flagship Studios had been working on, and both titles will be developed in newly established studio in the U.S. HanbitSoft expects that full possession of these titles will not only bring them larger portion of the earnings but also upgrade the quality of contents fit for online games.

HanbitSoft had constantly tried to gain the IP of two titles after Flagship Studios shutdown. The company announced recently that the regarding issues are now all settled, and only thing left is to focus on developing the titles the best way possible.

“Hellgate: London is now HanbitSoft’s game, and we have already formed a team. They are doing hard work for updates and patches. Service in Asia including Korea is in good hands” said Gi-Young Kim, CEO of HanbitSoft, and added “I believe Mythos is a very attractive MMORPG, just gaining large fans from couple of beta tests. It has a lot of potential and it will also be developed at studio

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in San Francisco with Hellgate: London. Both titles will be presented soon with upgraded features.”

Enjoy all you Korean players. Hopefully Mythos will be available to the rest of us too! :)

Directly from the Hellgate London website:


For questions regarding the shut down or additional information about Hellgate: London, please visit the game’s official website at

Santa Clara, Calif., (October 24, 2008) – NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc., today announced that they will continue to support customers of PC game Hellgate™: London with online server support and play through January 31, 2009 despite the closure of Flagship Studios. In a further gesture of support, Namco Bandai Games will provide this server support free of charge to all fans and players of the game up until the shut down date.

NAMCO BANDAI Games appreciate the enthusiasm of all the Hellgate: London players and looks forward to providing them with future entertainment products.

P.S. All the

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sub features and everything are open to everyone till servers go down.

Well it was fun while it lasted.
Good luck to the various people who worked on the game with whatever they do next, thanks to Tiggs and the other ex-Ping0 people who stuck around until the end and thanks to all the fans who made this site a joy to be a part of.
Now onto Diablo 3!!!

In what would appear to be fairly obvious news to anyone involved with Hellgate, the IAH servers for the game (that’s the South East Asian ones) have finally been taken down. Here is a statement from the site.

Suspension of Hellgate: London’s Multiplayer Service
Dear Gamers,

The online PC game Hellgate: London, IAHGames will suspend online multiplayer service for the game’s Alliance Server as of1200hrs (GMT+8) on 21st October 2008. The suspension of service will allow IAHGames, Flagship Studios, and other involved parties to reassess the situation before moving forward.

Be assured that IAHGames has weighed several options and opinions into this situation, and at the encouragement of virtually all involved, from

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the management to many current players, we feel it is the correct course of action.

All character, account, and item data will be safely retained on our servers until such a time when the multiplayer service status has changed. As such, all the heart and soul you have poured into your characters and Hellgate: London’s online world will not be erased.

Online support of Hellgate: London’s single player mode will continue. The latest v1.2 patch from Flagship Studios can be manually applied here.

The official Hellgate: London Alliance Forum will also be closed. Future updates to multiplayer and single player service will be released via our official site and direct emails.

Thank you for your support and patience.

IAHGames Team

Oh well, it was good while it lasted :)