HanbitSoft Boss Comments On Flagship Studios

Korean news website TheGames.co.kr got in touch with HanbitSoft chief executive, Kim Ki-young regarding the recent reports of Flagship Studios’ demise and asked him to clarify the situation with Hellgate: London and Mythos.

As it’s known to the general public that Flagship Studios dismissed developers of ‘Hellgate: London’ and closed down the office, HanbitSoft is trying to prepare countermeasures.

According to game industry news on the 14th, HanbitSoft is checking whether the rumor is true that Flagship Studios has determined to dismiss employees. HanbitSoft announced that this incident is totally unrelated with ‘Hellgate: London’ and ‘Mythos’ services.

HanbitSoft owns intellectual property rights of ‘Mythos’, and ‘Hellgate: London’ is also provided to investors of Flagship Studios and HanbitSoft, so it’s impossible that Flagship Studios receives investments from third parties, or sign contracts with any other companies regarding these products.

HanbitSoft said they have been preparing various business models, required game development and other improvements to compensate for Flagship Studios’ crisis.

According to Kim Ki-young of HanbitSoft, he said that ‘if we can take intellectual property rights of relevant products from Flagship Studios, we have confidence to develop the games ourselves based on T3 Entertainment‘s advanced technology’ and ‘we believe we can service fresh and interesting games to online gamers by getting intellectual property rights and development. This crisis could be an opportunity for us’.

HanbitSoft is about to start thorough examination to get intellectual property rights for ‘Hellgate: London’ and ‘Mythos’ once Flagship Studios petitions for bankruptcy

HanbitSoft said although they have suggested mutual conditions regarding investments in Flagship Studios, Flagship requested that HanbitSoft provide better terms, leading to hesitation on HanbitSoft’ part in aiding Flagship.

Source: TheGames.co.kr

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