The Cabalists

Cabalists are seekers of knowledge who desire to control the fate of mankind by studying The Great Dark and using that power to wrest the Earth from the jaws of Demonkind. To uninitiated this philosophy seems to border on madness, but Cabal is too great an asset to dismiss. One highly trained Cabalist can equal an army, if properly equipped and strategically deployed.



Never ones to travel without an entourage, Summoners have mastered the ability to control Demons as well as the very elements of nature. These forces can be unleashed to disctract or destroy their enemies, as well as provide protection for the caster and his alles. Their skill groups consist of Elementals, Mind Powers and Minions, Minon Commands.


Evokers manipulate storms of condensed supernatural fury by funnelig raw power into damage-amplifying Focus items. They commonly alternate between spells and Focus items to effectivly stun, burn, poison, shock and phase their enemies. Their skill groups are Elemental, Mind Powers, and Evocation.

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